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Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Sixth Annual Photography Contest Winners


The Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners of its Sixth Annual Photography Contest

The contest, which raises funds for scholarships given annually to North Kingstown High School graduating seniors, received some 150 entries in three age groups, ranging from kindergarten to adult, and in a new themed category. This year’s theme for that category was “Airplanes.”

The winner of the Airplanes category was John Riley of Coventry, whose “Blue Angels” captured two perfectly aligned Blue Angel fighter jets as they ascended during the 2014 RI National Guard Air Show. Photos shot of pilot Sean D. Tucker’s Oracle biplane flying during the Air Show rounded out the winners for this category. Stephen Wood of Wakefield took second place with “Oracle Climbing,” a shot of the bright red plane climbing against a brilliant blue sky trailed by a thick plume of white smoke. In third place was Mark DeSouza’s “Flying with Sean.”

“I took this photo while circling for the opening flag jump at the 2009 RI National Guard Open House and Air Show,” DeSouza wrote on his entry card. “I'm flying the C-23 Sherpa and Sean D. Tucker was flying the Oracle Pitts aircraft. I had him slide up on my left wing and shot this with my cell phone.”

Dorothy Leland, of Point Richmond, Calif., took top honors in the highly competitive Adult Division with her striking photo of a crouching, weathered Nepali man poignantly entitled “The End is Near.”  After the recent tragic earthquake in Nepal, this photo is especially moving.  Please see a note from Ms. Leland. Jan Swartz of North Kingstown honored the memory of her father with “Dad’s Last Rose,” which won second prize. Third place was awarded to longtime contest participant Dr. Elliot Waterman of West Warwick who delighted judges with “Flying,” a playful photo of a dog leaping over a show jump.

Alexis Hagenburg, a 12th-grader from North Kingstown, won her age category – students in grades seven through 12 – with “The Heroes We Remember,” a photo of a white rose gently wedged into the etched letters of a name at the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City. Returning competitor Samantha Daft, 15, of Jamestown, placed second with “Eye of the Beholder.” Third prize was awarded to Lily Wright, 17, of Jamestown who wowed judges with her “Night-Blooming Cereus.” Wright won this age division last year.

Students in kindergarten through sixth grade competed in the Student I Division. A battle of longtime competitors in this division ended with past winner Leah DiCenso, 12, of North Kingstown, taking top honors with her fun shot of dog Skipper in “I’m Parade Ready!” Casey Christopher, 12, of Boston, Mass., placed second and third with “Buggy Flower” and “Meow,” respectively.


Judging for the contest is done “blindly,” with judges seeing only the photographs but neither their titles nor the names of the photographers. Proceeds from the contest benefit the Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The fund, named in honor of a longtime North Kingstown High School teacher who was a lifelong photographer, has awarded 69 scholarships worth nearly $70,000 to NKHS graduates since its founding in 2001.  The photo contest is the primary fundraising event for the scholarships and entry fees go directly toward these scholarships. Private contributions and auto donations are also gratefully accepted. For more information, please contact us.

Details about the seventh annual contest will be announced later this year.

Adult Division

1st Place – “The End is Near”  Dorothy Leland, Point Richmond, Calif.

2nd Plane – “Dad’s Last Rose”  Jan Swartz, North Kingstown

3rd Place – “Flying”  Elliot Waterman, West Warwick

Student I Division (Grades K - 6)

1st Place – “I’m Parade Ready”  Leah DiCenso, 12, Grade 6, North Kingstown

2nd Place – “Buggy Flower”  Casey Christopher, 12, Grade 6, Boston, Mass.

3rd Place – “Meow”  Casey Christopher, 12, Grade 6, Boston, Mass.

Student II Division (Grades 7 - 12)

1st Place – “The Heroes We Remember”  Alexis Hagenburg, 17, Grade 12, North Kingstown

2nd Place – “Eye of the Beholder”  Samantha Daft, 15, Jamestown

3rd Place – “Night-Blooming Cereus”  Lily Wright, 17, Grade 11, Jamestown

"Airplanes" Themed Category

1st Place – “Blue Angels”  John Riley, Coventry

2nd Place – “Oracle Climbing”  Stephen Wood, Wakefield

3rd Place – “Flying with Sean”  Mark DeSouza, North Kingstown

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