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Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship
Fourth Annual Photography Contest Winners


The Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the winners of its Fourth Annual Photography Contest

The contest, which raises funds for scholarships given annually to North Kingstown High School graduating seniors, garnered more than 100 entries in four age groups, ranging from kindergarten to adult.

While a host of past winners entered this year’s contest, the adult category was dominated by newcomers. Victoria Dority of Wakefield took first prize with her striking “Local Park in White.” Second place honors went to Eric Leland of Fairfax, Calif., with his shot of the Palomarin Falls in Bolinas, Calif., entitled “Foggy Morning.” North Kingstown’s Cal Blaser earned third prize with “Autumn Tranquility.”

In the elementary school division, 10-year-old Casey Christopher of Boston took top honors with an underwater self-portrait he called “Watery Image” (above).  Leah DiCenso, 10, of North Kingstown, came in second with “Hairy Face,” her up-close-and-personal photo of a shaggy dog. In third place was Ryan Patrick, 11, of Boston, who photographed a still-life image called “Wet, Shiny Tomato.”

Past winner Samantha Bailen, 13, of Saunderstown, won both first and second prizes in the middle school division. “Never Ending,” a shot of seemingly endless train tracks, took top honors while “Lights Will guide You Home” came in second. Third prize went to Alexander Swartz, 12, of North Kingstown, whose whimsical “Whispering Sweet Nothings” captured a black dog telling secrets to a cheerful snowman.

Talley Larkin, 18, of Jamestown, who won top honors in the high school division in last year’s contest, returned to take home two prizes this year. “Split,” a black-and-white image of old, weathered wood shot in Utah, won first prize. Her “Shattered,” also a black-and-white photo, came in second. Third place went to Megan Johnson, 17, of North Kingstown. Her “The Social Climb” featured a well-known Narragansett statue in shadows in front of a brilliant purple sky at sunset.

Judging for the contest is done “blindly,” with judges seeing only the photographs and not their titles or the names of the photographers. Proceeds from the contest benefit the Richard B. Dunne Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The fund, named in honor of a longtime North Kingstown High School teacher who was a lifelong photographer, has awarded more than $50,000 in scholarships to NKHS graduates since its founding in 2001.  The photo contest is the primary fundraising event for the scholarships.  Private contributions and auto donations are also gratefully accepted. 

Details about the fifth annual contest will be announced later this year.

Adult Division

1st Place: Victoria Dority, Wakefield, “Local Park in White”

2nd Place: Eric Leland, Fairfax, CA, “Foggy Morning”

3rd Place: Cal Blaser, North Kingstown, “Autumn Tranquility”

High School Student Division (Grades 9-12)

1st Place: Talley Larkin,18, Jamestown, “Split”

2nd Place: Talley Larkin,18, Jamestown, “Shattered”

3rd Place: Megan Johnson, 17, North Kingstown, “The Social Climb”

Middle School Student Division (Grades 6-8)

1st Place: Samantha Bailen, 13, Saunderstown, “Never Ending”

2nd Place: Samantha Bailen, 13, Saunderstown, “Lights Will Guide You Home”

3rd Place: Alexander Swartz, 12, North Kingstown, “Whispering Sweet Nothings”

Elementary Student Division (Grades K-5)

1st Place: Casey Christopher, 10, Boston, MA, “Watery Image”

2nd Place: Leah DiCenso, 10, North Kingstown, “Hairy Face”

3rd Place: Ryan Patrick, 11, Boston, MA, “Wet, Shiny Tomato”

Fourth Annual
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